Lunardog Privacy Policy

The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to let you know what kinds of information we (Lunardog Limited) may gather about you, how we may use that information, whether we disclose it to anyone, and the choices you have regarding our use of the information.

1. Personal data, or personal information as we sometimes call it, means data which is capable of identifying a living person. You may from time to time provide us with personal data, such as your name, address, telephone number and credit card details.

2. Lunardog Limited (“we” or “us”) provide the Lunardog Site, and this website. Your personal data will be collected, processed, stored and used by us, and passed to and processed by our subsidiary and/or affiliated companies and other data processors acting under contract with us to provide and promote the Lunardog Site, to process payments you make to us, to provide customer support, and for other purposes referred to in this Privacy Policy and the other agreements that you may have with us. It is possible that some of the computer systems and companies that process your data on our behalf may be based in countries outside the European Union (“EU”).  Countries outside the EU may not have as well developed data protection laws to protect your information as those inside the EU, but we will ensure personal data processed on our behalf is treated in compliance with EU laws and this Privacy Policy.

3. It is your responsibility to ensure that you wish to disseminate information about yourself (including personal data) in your use of the Lunardog Site.

4. Cookies are small files which, depending on your browser settings, may be automatically stored on your computer’s hard drive when your Web browser accesses a specific Web page. The cookies on the Lunardog site are set by us, or (where an advertiser deploys a cookie) by the advertiser. If we use cookies, you may find that you are not able to make a purchase on, or use other aspects of the Lunardog Site, if your browser is set to reject cookies.  You can find out how to manage cookies, and to make the changes to your browser that we refer to above at this site:

5. We encourage you to tell us how you wish us to use your personal data for marketing of services and products to you.

a. Email communications. We may give you the opportunity to opt to receiving emailed newsletters and/or marketing communications from us in relation to our or third parties’ services and products that we think may be of interest to you; each such communication will give you the opportunity of opting-out of receiving future similar communications.
b. Post and fax. We will not send marketing materials to you by post or fax, nor provide your address or fax number to others for this purpose.

6. We take appropriate technical and organisational measures to guard against unauthorised or unlawful processing of your personal data and against accidental loss or destruction of, or damage to, your personal data. While no computer system is completely secure, we believe the measures implemented by us reduce the likelihood of security problems to a level appropriate to the type of data involved. We have security measures in place to protect our user database and access to this database is restricted internally. However, it remains your responsibility to ensure no-one else uses the Lunardog Site while your machine is “logged on” to the Lunardog site.

7. We will retain your personal data only as long as is necessary for the purposes to which you consent under your agreement(s) with us and this Privacy Policy, or as is required by applicable law, and then we will delete it.

8. Your personal data may be disclosed if we or an entity processing your data on our behalf are compelled to do so by law, or receive a valid, legally compliant request by a law enforcement or governmental authority.

9. If you have any questions about the handling or protection of your personal data, a written enquiry should be addressed to us by email to